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Question by  ExWildChild (19)

What happens if I get dry sockets after wisdom teeth removal?


Answer by  Sonya56 (65)

There is usually quite a bit of pain associated with dry socket. It happens when the bone is exposed after the loss of the bloodclot. The best way to avoid losingthe blood ,clot is to not smoke, rinse vigorously, drink through a straw or eat/drink foods/liquds that are to hot!


Answer by  maryburns15 (62)

If a dry socket occurs after wisdom tooth removal, the patient will experience a dull, throbbing pain. Most dentists will treat with prescription pain medication.


Answer by  thecrwth (25)

You will feel continuous nerve pain. Your surgeon will irrigate the openings to remove food debris. S/He will pack the opening with gauze soaked in clove oil. S/He will likely remove the gauze and repack for a few days. The socket will slowly heal over time and fill with natural tissues.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

this means the sockets are dry and have no moisture and this can prevent healing. you need go to back and see the dentist who removed the teeth for you and he/she will put a packing strip with clove oil to subdue the pain.


Answer by  Corina (13)

If you happen to get dry socket, you should call your dentist. The dentist will put some packing in the socket. The packing has a medicine in it that will help it heal. If you have alot of pain you can call your doctor for pain medication.


Answer by  Katsescape (90)

It is important to seek care from a dentist if you think you may have a dry socket. Until you can get to a dentist it is important to refrain from smoking and do not eat foods that are very hot or very cold. Over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol and Ibuprophen can be very helpful.


Answer by  kalhana (64)

You have to visit your dentist and he will place packing in the socket. This will continue until there is no more pain, or it has begun to heal.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

You get dry sockets when your blood doesn't clot in the space that the tooth or teeth was in. You will feel sharp pain in that are and it will probably have a bad odor too. This probably won't happen until two or three days after they take the tooth out.


Answer by  kwiklip (29)

Symptoms of dry socket include: radiating pain in the jaw and ear and pain in the socket itself. You may be able to see bone through the socket. An anti-inflammatory such as aspirin or ibuprofen will help with the pain. If you suspect dry socket, contact your dental professional as soon as possible.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

You will feel a dull pain and throbbing. The dry socket is caused because you probably drank from a straw, drank something hot.

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