Question by  ravi9j (14)

What is a high-risk temperature for a baby?


Answer by  ljb (159)

An infant can tolerate a higher temperature than an adult. It depends on the child's age and you always want to check with the pediatrician. You should contact the doctor if your infant's temperature reaches 103 degrees.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

Seek medical attention for a baby 3 months or less with a temperature of 100.4 or higher; 101 degrees or higher at age 3-6 months; or 103 degrees for infants over 6 months old.


Answer by  milo (169)

If the baby is under three months 100. 4 F or above should be cause to call the doctor. For babies three to six months, 101 F and older than six months, 103 F. If the baby at any age not eating and playing normally, crying inconsolably, or seems lethargic, call the doctor.


Answer by  nightxsky (23)

A high risk temperature for a baby is 101 degrees Fahrenheit that lasts longer than 3 days. An extremely high risk temperature for a baby is over 103 degrees Fahrenheit.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Take your child to the ER for anything over 100. At 106 the temperature can actually start to kill brain cells.


Answer by  Kim23 (145)

It would depend on the infants age but if your baby is less than 3 months old and has a temperature of 100.4 degrees this would be considered a high risk. For a baby between 3 and 6 months old, call if his temperature reaches 101 degrees or higher.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

This depends on the age of the infant, under 2 months old any fever is considered dangerous. Otherwise, any fever that doesn't reduce with medicine over 101F.

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