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Question by  Wilson (32)

What is a good substitute for white wine vinegar in cooking?


Answer by  cutiebee15hotmailcom (129)

Red wine vinegar is probably the closest for taste, but the color obviously can be an issue. If you are trying to get rid of vinegar all together then try using lemon or lime juice, just use a smaller amount.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

I have always used apple cider vinegar as a substitute for white wine vinegar when cooking. It has a slightly different taste, but never one that I've found to be unapealing in anything I've tried. It's suposedly more healthy for you as well.


Answer by  SamAnole (31)

You should use apple cider vinegar due to the similar sweet flavor and rich taste qualities.Both can be also used in pickling or canning, as can almost any vinegar.

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