Question by  MassageT05 (24)

What is a good science project that kids can perform with balloons?

I need an easy science project that is done with balloons.


Answer by  Bostongal1 (54)

Create classic balloon rockets. Tape a straw to a balloon. Run a string through the straw. Make it taut and hold or tie it down. Blow the balloon up, and let it fly down the string. With two you can race. Illustrates Newton's 3rd Law of Motion.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

With balloons you can explore static electricity. Rub the inflated balloon against your hair and then put it up to a wall. It will stick because it is light weight and the force of static electricity can hold it. You could do this experiment on dry days and wet days and measure the length of time the balloon stays up.

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