Question by  srikirthiga (35)

What are some good science projects using hydrogen?

My son wants to do a science project using hydrogen.


Answer by  HugoCogsworth (7)

I would build a hydrogen fuel cell. It's a relatively easy project to do with inexpensive materials. The most expensive might be just some platinum wire (or some other metal wire coated in platinum). Definitely relevant, because it has to do with alternative fuel sources, which is a very big topic in this day and age.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

Demonstrate electrolysis and electroplating. Use electricity (a battery) to split hydrogen out of water. If you use a metal electrode, it will become covered in any metal in the solution.


Answer by  Indra (105)

You can use calcium carbide and water to produce hydrogen and then fill it in ballons to show how ballons move up when it is filled with hydrogen. It shows that the hydrogen is lighter than air. This experiment requires more precautions as hydrogen is more inflammable. SO be Attentive .


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Run hydrogen through corn oil and see if you can get margarine. Create hydrogen peroxide. Increase the molecular weight of a hydrocarbon using the hydrogen.


Answer by  ssoufien (8)

A nice explosive reaction, although successful, it assoit authority of the teacher! This experience is indispensable to show for a long time since we can use hydrogen in combustion engines,

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