Question by  csaw (100)

What is a good interior color for brick?

It's not on a fireplace.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

A light tan or brown color is nice for bricks on the interior of your home. You can paint them or have them stained.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I think people make a mistake when they paint brick or wood especially oak. This is something that you cannot change once it is painted. If it's ugly, clean it good and don't make it a focal point. Do something that will draw your eye away from it.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

Cream is a great interior color when dealing with brick. Use earthy or brick tones for highlight. This allows you to enhance your brick feature or to disguise it.


Answer by  munkinmom (48)

It depends on the other colors in the room. Red brick is a good accent for yellow, green and white. Yellow brick is a good accent to neutrals.

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