Question by  Hassan (68)

What is a good cream to help with cervix dilation?

I need help getting my cervix to dilate.


Answer by  Nora28 (76)

There are no over-the-counter creams that you can use to help your cervix dilate. Dilation should either come naturally or, once at the hospital, with special medications and under the supervision of your practitioner.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should avoid putting any creams onto your cervix, leave this to your doctor. He knows what he is doing, if you do this yourself you could cause an infection for yourself and for your baby. Never take it upon yourself to put things onto your cervix to help labor along. You could harm your baby.


Answer by  jillandlexy (37)

There is no over the counter cream for cervix dilation. If you need to be induced it will be administered by your doctor at the hospital.


Answer by  missy36 (48)

Rather than using a cream to dilate your cervix it is best that you just wait and let mother nature take it's course. If your cervix will not dilate on its own you and your doctor can discuss further options.


Answer by  mstmp (75)

It is not wise to try to dilate your cervix yourself. I do not believe there are any over the countre creams available for this. Forced dilation of your cervix is very dangerous and should only be performed by trained professionals.


Answer by  Anonymous

Sperm may help I think.

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