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Question by  Beth47 (26)

What is a good burn/itch treatment?


Answer by  JoeJoe (30)

A good way to treat a minor burn is to run the area under cold water. You can also ice the tender area or apply ice and cold vinegar. Colgate toothpaste has also been know to help the burn.

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Ice is not a good idea because it can be too cold and damage the skin further. Stick with cool water or compresses.  add a comment

Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

The treatment of a burn is usually to let it heal in a moist environment and keep it from infection. After you have cooled the burn with cool water apply a bandage that has been dampened with a mild solution of salt water very lightly around the burn so that air can still reach it.


Answer by  WinterWind (111)

The best remedy for a burn is pure Aloe Vera juice. Just break off a leaf and squeeze the goo onto the burn. For itches, use ice.


Answer by  slkunz2003yahoocom (836)

You can soothe an itch by applying a baking soda paste to a small area. For an all over itch, try a baking soda or an oatmeal bath. An antihistamine really helps relieve an itch too. For burns, make sure it is clean and dry and DON'T USE BUTTER, that's an old wives' tale that makes it worse!

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