Question by  LeahJeffries (18)

What is a fun kid party activity?

I have to have a few activities ready.


Answer by  astrojazz (367)

Kids, especially at parties, love activities that let them play and use up their energy. You need to switch between physical activities (like musical chairs or three-legged races) and sit-down activities (like face painting or arts and crafts). This helps the children expend their energy and then rest and build their energy up again.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

There is always the classic pin the tail on the donkey, or a variation thereof. You can always play easy 20 questions, or easy eye spy. Any of those would be fun for kids. You could also have coloring or drawing of some sort, because let's face it all kids like that type of stuff.


Answer by  Hoardy (454)

Anything involving water is always fun if you don't mind cleaning up! Try a kiddie pool with different colored ping pong balls and a long net for fishing.


Answer by  mypony (127)

My boys enjoy playing water balloon games. One version is water balloon wiffleball. Obviously the object is to get wet, but the spatter-effect is quite interesting. Another game is volleyball, but we've modified it with teams holding a sheet on each side and catching the water balloon with the sheet and tossing it back. It was a great hit!

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