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Question by  worker5790 (13)

What are some fun office party games?

My office has a party twice a year.


Answer by  Knowledge (39)

We have played Jeopardy for a number of years, making the questions specifically about events at the office, customers of the business, or personal happenings of the employees. There are now on-line versions you can use, but my boss always made her own by pinning printed papers to a bedsheet.


Answer by  JenniferLW (81)

I have found that the best office party games are those that large groups of people can play. Try playing games like charades or pictionary where people can play in teams. These are both games that are not only easy to explain but easy to customize as well.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

Some fun office party games are Twister,Sing It,and Guitar Hero.These games are a great way to have fun and let loose.


Answer by  vathana (127)

Office parties are incomplete without games.Employees childrens are invited for such parties and lots of games are organised.Some interesting games like musical chair,general knowledge questions,bingo such games makes the party interesting.

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