Question by  smatnics (11)

What is a diet to increase muscle mass?


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

Protein is well known to help the human body build muscle. There are plenty of ways to get this, through meat and nuts or through protein powders and other supplements.


Answer by  spin (166)

To build body muscle mass you need protein. This of course can be found in healthy food like, nuts, eggs, liver, kidneys, lean beef, fish,pulses like peas,beans,grains,and dairy products.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

The diet that is best for increasing muscle mass is a diet rich in protein. Other nutrients like calcium and potassium won't hurt either.


Answer by  wethil (6)

You must take lots of carbon hydrate and you can take the carbon hydrate from macaroni and rice also you need amino acide for this you must eat meat

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