Question by  Exene (18)

What is a cup of joe?


Answer by  amberjusm (306)

"a cup of joe" is slang term for a cup of coffee. The name came from when alcohol was banned from Navy Ships by Admiral Josephus "Joe" Davis -- he only allowed Coffee, terming it a cup of joe.


Answer by  Dahc272 (28)

The word "joe" is a slang word that is used as an alternative for the word coffee. Thus a "cup of joe" is just slang for a cup of coffee.


Answer by  AdamG (137)

It's a cup of coffee. The term recently got commercialized by MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show with host Joe Scarborough when it became "... sponsored by Starbucks," with everyone at the table prominently displaying their... paper cups with the Starbucks logo--containing their "morning joe! " Countless coffeehouses have used "joe" somehow in their names.


Answer by  Anonymous

Martinson Coffee claims its founder, Joe Martinson was a really great coffee roaster in New York in the 1890's and people started preferring a "cup of Joe."


Answer by  Majyk (115)

A cup of joe is an old term used by truck drivers and field hands when referring to coffee. So if they said they were going to have a break and a cup of joe they meant that they were going to take a coffee break.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

this is a cup of coffee that is a tasty caffeine treat for many people. It has a very distinct unusual taste to it. There are many varieties of it that are out on the market currently.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

A cup of coffee. The most likely etymology for the term is that coffee is the drink of the common man, or "ordinary joe". Others believe it is a derivative of "java". There is also an unsubstantiated urban legend about Admiral Josephus 'Joe' Daniels and abolishing wine aboard naval ships.

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