Question by  bithapaul09gmailcom (65)

What is a common kitten flea disease?

My kitten has a disease caused by fleas.


Answer by  gigglez (54)

A common kitten flea disease that I hear is common is when they become anemic and lose lose lots of blood and also it is when they are't really getting the red blood cells reproducing because the fleas are just bitting them so much. The kitten may need a blood tranfusion.


Answer by  lorel (274)

One of the most common flea related conditions is flea allergy. Humans are not the only animals susceptible to allergies. Another problem that sometimes happens is flea bite infection. Antibiotics are often prescribed for this.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

Flea anemia is a common disease animals can get if they are invested with fleas. This is due to the fact that the fleas suck out a lot of their blood, making them anemic. If your kitten has this, he will need a blood transfusion and fluids to survive once you get rid of all the fleas on his body.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

Typically kittens that have a bad case of fleas will have either tapeworms, anemia, or a bad skin rash. It is crucial to treat the fleas and the disease.

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