Question by  dominik (19)

What is a cold tone developer?


Answer by  fifesh (7)

A cold tone developer is one of the chemicals that can be used in making black and white photo prints. A cold tone developer will help pull out a more blueish black tone for your pictures as opposed to the brownish black tones that a warm tone developer pulls out.


Answer by  BlakeLuse (7)

A developer that brings out deep blacks and clear whites in black and white photographs. This developer is used for definition and creates a crisper more natural photograph. Black and White photographs without using cold tone developers do not look as true to life and lush as they do when using cold tone developer.


Answer by  youniabdul (6)

It is like a chemical that can give a bluish or greenish tinge in a black-and-white print. Cold tone developers can come as liquids or as powders that have to be prepared. The effectiveness of cold tone developers however also depends upon the kind of paper used to print the image.


Answer by  hypercatbed (142)

A cold tone developer is the oposite of a warm tone developer it is used to produce neutral final image, and to change the tone of the image your working with.

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