Question by  joedizzlempls (13)

What is a Chupacabras?

Is it real?


Answer by  juliannna (639)

people think that a chupacabras is an unknown animal that kills other animals in places aound the world. its name means goat sucker. there is no evidence to prove whether it is real or not.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Chupacabra is a Mexican and Central American horror story. They are upright walking on two legs, usually described looking like goat legs. They either drink the blood or eat the guts of livestock.


Answer by  JumpingJoeGastineau (60)

Chupacabras are 'cryptids', or creatures of which there is no hard scientific evidence of their existence. Sightings are common amongst Latin communities in North and Central America. The name literally means 'Goat Sucker'. Chupacabras are blamed by superstitious locals for thousands of livestock deaths every year.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

A Chupacabra is like the Mexican version of Big Foot, it's supposedly been sighted but no one is entirely sure that it truly exists. It's said to have leathery greenish-grey skin and sharp quills down it's back. It stands about three to four feet tall and hops like a kangaroo.

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