Question by  sandy (10)

What is a chaffing dish?


Answer by  Syl (64)

A chaffing dish is a platter or a dish used to serve larger quantities of food at a buffet. It is often made of aluminum. It is displayed on a rack, with enough space under to place a burner or hot water to keep the content warm.

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Answer by  jessemiller1 (6)

A chaffing dish is primarily used in catering functions, or general places serving large quantities of food.The dish is for storing already prepared and cooked foods, either by keeping the food warm by heating water in the chaffer or by keeping cold foods cool by a refrigerated chaffer.


Answer by  pinkie (247)

A chaffing dish is what you use to keep food warm during a party. If you've ever attended a buffet, those are the food containers used by most suppliers. They are usually made of metal and are slightly elevated. An alcohol lamp or a container with hot water is placed under the chaffing dish to keep the food heated.


Answer by  geocacher (22)

A chafing dish is a piece of formal dining ware much like a brazier, used for serving sauces and dishes that require low temperature for their cooking. It often is placed on a serving mount which allows for heat to be placed beneath it, thereby allowing the dish to remain warm throughout the meal.


Answer by  Sockless (528)

A Chafing dish is a raised serving/cooking dish that has a place for the food suspended over a lower shelf that contains a heat source, usually gas or canned heat. It is used mainly for keeping hot buffet items warm, though it is also used for cooking items that need a gentle heat.


Answer by  Scott (109)

A chafing dish is what buffets and catering companies use to keep cooked food warm without having the food kept in the oven or over a stove. The silver pans that are up on metal feet with the little Bunsen burners lit under them are how this type of dish typically work.


Answer by  JYas (68)

A chaffing dish is used to keep food warm. It is often used on a buffet. A heat source is set under the dish, and it helps to keep the food warm. Some chaffing dihes are very ornate, others are very simple in design. Some may have a cover that also helps to keep food warm.

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