Question by  vijay33 (10)

What is a bulk folder in Yahoo mail?

I do not understand how the bulk folder is used in Yahoo mail.


Answer by  awesome (13)

Its a folder that holds messages suspected of being suspicious in origin. Its a spam folder basically. You should always check your bulk folder because sometimes email you want to read ends up in there. The filters sometimes think something you want is spam and puts it in the bulk folder.


Answer by  kashin7 (345)

Yahoo! Mail's Bulk Mail folder is used to collect e-mail classified by the computer server, as well as by the e-mail user through individual re-evaluation of improperly classified messages, as spam or junk mail.


Answer by  cpxi (191)

This folder collects suspected spam messages. You can view the messages and then delete them or move them to your inbox if they are not spam. After a certain period of time, messages in the bulk folder are automatically deleted. The bulk folder exists so that your inbox does not become cluttered with spam.


Answer by  pm11 (85)

The Bulk folder is a special folder used for store spam messages. This folder is managed by Yahoo! SpamGuard that stops all spams and redirect these messages to the Bulk folder instead in your Inbox.


Answer by  Kattie (598)

The Bulk Folder on Yahoo Mail is a feature designed to protect the user from SPAM. When suspect mail is sent to your Yahoo Mail Account it may be sent to the Bulk Folder instead of your inbox. You should check your Bulk Mail folder periodically to delete these messages and find mail that may end up here by mistake.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

A large proportion of email messages are spam -- unsolicited bulk mail. To keep you from being swamped by these message, Yahoo diverts the message that look like spam to a spam (or bulk) folder. You can use "Mail Options" on the Yahoo page to turn spam guard off or on, and control when the bulk folder is emptied.

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