Question by  Szergiu (19)

What is a ABS brake system?

I hear a lot about it but I don't know what it is.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

ABS stands for anti-lock brakes. They are used in modern braking systems to keep the tires from locking up during sudden braking events; such as cars, people, or animals running out in front of your vehicle. They allow you to stop without skidding, in a shorter distance.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. It automatically modulates brake pressure to keep the wheels from locking up in low-traction situations or under high brake loads. Keeps the car controllable.


Answer by  salvi (148)

An ABS brake system means anti-lock braking system. It helps to prevent the wheels on a car from locking up while braking. It is present in all motor vehicles.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

ABS stand for "Anti-Locking Brake System". Basically it simply releases the brakes pressure under conditions when the wheel could lock up. It "pumps" the brakes for you during a panic stop by reacting to variations in wheels speeds. Without this feature you would have to manually modulate the brakes.

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