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Question by  shiniinfosys (13)

What can be done if I have the wrong brake fluid in my brake lines?

My brake lines have bad/wrong brake fluid in them.


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

If you bleed your brake lines you can get the break fluid out of the lines. Be sure to double check what brake fluid your car takes. Most take regular brake fluid, some older cars take different fluid.


Answer by  Gaur (7676)

Hydraulic braking system,the one found in most cars and truck,relies on brake fluid for pressure. whole system springs into action the moment u step on the brake pedal.


Answer by  Ramon (20)

d. o. t 3 and 4 are compatible with each other. DOT5,which is silicone base and purple in color. This will contaminate every rubber seal in your brake system and the seals will expand causing calipers and the piston cups in the master cylinder to seize. anything that comes in contact with fluid will have to be replaced.


Answer by  betzabe (30)

It would probably not be to good for your bike Just buy another brake fluid that is appropriate for you bike. It would be rusty if you will use the wrong fluid.


Answer by  Anonymous

remove it

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