Question by  Tiffany93 (33)

What information can you give me on painting and sealing plywood floors?

I need to paint and seal my plywood floors.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Painting and sealing ply wood floors needs a good wood putty finish. So initially wood putty should be applied evenly throughout the floor and then thoroughly rubbed using emery paper and cleaned by blowing air. Then the required color emulsion paint can be applied to the floor to get a neat and smooth finish.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I would pick a paint that will be good on wood. You might need to paint a few times> I would use a ceiling roller on the floor it's faster and goes on better. After it is throughtly dry get a sealer that will seal the wood. Latex is fast drying, but epoxy sealer will last longer.


Answer by  kaf2050 (94)

My recommendation would be to use a wood sealer, allow to dry then a latex floor paint may be used on top of that.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

The paint itself will not yield a surface hard enough to resist years of foot traffic. You achieve durability and long-term good looks by coating the painted surface with three coats of clear urethane

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