Question by  Expert19283 (173)

What ice cream desserts use raw eggs as ingredients?


Answer by  Mellie (64)

In traditional homemade ice cream, raw eggs were used for a variety of reasons including enriching the flavor and color and preventing ice crystals from forming. However, experts nowadays recommend replacing the raw eggs with eggs cooked into a custard or pasteurized eggs. Both of these methods will prevent contamination due to the Salmonella bacteria.


Answer by  Evelyn42 (25)

Most homemade ice cream recipes used to call for use of raw eggs in its preparation. However, because of the danger of food poisoning, it is recommended that eggs be beaten together with milk and then cooked along with other ingredients in the recipe.


Answer by  cmm (57)

The only ice cream desserts that I know that use raw eggs are French vanilla ice cream and eggnog flavored ice cream.


Answer by  TracyS (186)

Many varieties of real homemade ice cream use raw eggs, or at least egg yolks as an ingredient. Also A New York Egg Cream drink uses raw eggs in some recipes.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The only one that I know of is merangue. You can do a net search on it and it will pull a bunch of different one for you and you will be able to print them for your recipes box or you can go to the library and look some up there as well.

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