Question by  jwilbur19 (50)

What do I need to start an ice cream truck business?

I would like to start an ice cream truck business.


Answer by  JD (129)

You will first need to acquire a business licesne, insurance and any permits from the health department. You will then need to buy a truck and some ice cream. On a map mark the local neighborhoods where children live. Also mark neighborhoods under construction. Visit the "under construction" neighborhoods during the day and the childrens neighborhoods after school is out.


Answer by  ahJanos (38)

Location is important. An ideal place for something like this would be Southern California or other areas that have more days of sunshine. There are some trucking companies that will actually provide you items at wholesale such as AAcatertruck. com. Or you can buy a used truck, install big ice chests, then buy your items from costco.


Answer by  Eater (6)

You need enough overhead to purchase or rent Ice cream truck, proper freezer units to store ice cream, a supplier of the ice cream itself, and be capable of handling cash. You must also account for fuel costs, breakage, and depreciation.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You need a food handling permit. You need a taxpayer identification number for the business. You need a valid license and registration for the check.

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