Question by  jimbo56 (19)

What happens to your pupil response when you take off your glasses?


Answer by  April (296)

Depending on whether you are farsighted or nearsighted will determine how your pupils change. If you are farsighted, your pupils will dilate. If you are nearsighted, your pupils will constrict. And it also depends on how much light is in the room. Your pupils dilate with less light and constrict when there is more light.


Answer by  debra207 (207)

It mainly depends upon the light conditions around you at the time. Glasses my cause a glare which would make the pupils constrict upon removal, or if the glasses were tinted, the pupil would become enlarged due to the sudden extra light.


Answer by  asdf1234 (9)

I don't wear glasses, it's impossible for me to know what my pupil response would be. I suppose that if I did wear glasses, what my pupils did in response to eyeglass removal would hardly be detectable, since the same amount of light would be entering my eye no matter what.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

Your pupil responses become more rapid when you take off your glasses. A typical pair of eyeglasses blockes ten to fifteen percent of the light from your eyes.


Answer by  sarah0045 (186)

Your pupil response only changes when there is a change in the amount of light that hits the eye. If you go from a dark environment to a light one your pupil constricts and vice versa for light to dark situations.


Answer by  bijesh (17)

When we take off glasses from eyes and when light entering the eye in response the pupil becomes smaller,in bright light situations,it allows less light into eye to both protect the sensitive eye nerves and also to improve the vision. darker situations the brain dilates the pupils. This allows more light to enter the eye,thus allowing better vision in lower light settings.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You pupil response depends on the light coming through the lens of the eye. It doesn't change except with changes in luminosity (light and dark).


Answer by  Kevin09 (16)

One wear glasses because of need to see clear but our pupil is the part of eye which adjust the eye from its environment to give a clear picture of the envioronment the brain. So whenever I take off my glasses it tries to adjust with the environment as the pupil was already adjusting with the glasses.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

Some glasses block light, so when you take off your glasses the light floods the pupils causing them to shrink. Some glasses actually increase light, so when you take off your glasses the pupils adjust by getting bigger. If neither is the case, the result of going from a focused to unfocused state causes the pupils to increase in size.

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