Question by  eerlanger (28)

What happens in stage 3 cervical cancer?

Will I suffer?


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

In stage 3 that means the cancer has already spread to other organs. Usually the liver, lungs or brain. This can be very painful as the other organs are comprimised by the cancer. Your oncologist can give you medication for the pain.


Answer by  al46398 (20)

By stage 3 of cervical cancer, the cancer is in the pelvic walls or the lower parts of the vagina, though not yet in other parts of the body. You may notice vaginal bleeding and pain during intercourse. Swelling in legs, fatigue and weight loss are normal as well.


Answer by  Ella22 (610)

Cancer has spread to the lower vagina and side of the pelvis. There can be pain and cramping with the progression which can be partially alleviated with prescription pain medication.


Answer by  CleoHathor (81)

Cancer is never completely pain-free, and stage 3 means that it is starting to spread. Treatment may be tough (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery), but the cancer is beatable. Hang in there!

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