Question by  gonewitchin (22)

What happens during a driving road test?

I am taking one for the very first time.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You will be required to drive on city streets as well as park between cars using your parallel parking techniques.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

The officer will first view your license paperwork and/or learner's permit, then will check the registration and insurance coverage on your car. Often they will inspect the lights on your car before getting in. They will then take you along a route with different streets and you MUST listen closely to their instructions, stop at signs and look both ways.


Answer by  bon39 (24)

You will be taken on a short route the DMV officer decides to take. You will be givin instructions as take a left, take a right. Make sure you do all that you have read about in your booklet you received that you hopefully studied beforehand. You will then return to DMV and decision will be given to you.


Answer by  lisel (18)

It is important to be able to turn properly, park properly, navigate roads well and use all proper signals during a road test.


Answer by  joshycg (15)

There is some questions regarding the rules of the road, street signs, speed limits etc. After that check your car lights and battery / oil / water / coolant. then start driving.

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