Question by  TaxGirl2008 (57)

What happened to Adobe ImageReady?

I used to work with it, but it's no longer available.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

Go to File in Adobe Photoshop; click Edit in ImageReady and the ImageReady screen will then pop up; ready to use. If you cannot find it there, go to Start, Search, and type in ImageReady.exe. Click on results in Search. If all else fails, download PhotoShop again to retrieve ImageReady since they come as a package.


Answer by  ToastyX (19)

Adobe ImageReady was discontinued starting with Photoshop CS3 because according to Adobe, most of the features are available in Photoshop and Fireworks. If those are not acceptable alternatives, the only option is to obtain Photoshop CS2.

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