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Question by  dertr (147)

What GBA games have 2-player capability?


Answer by  W00MBA (34)

Advance Wars,Black Hole Rising,Bubble Bobble,Digimon Battle 1&2,Driver 2 Advance,Fire Emblem,Golden Sun,Inspector Gadget Racing,Jazz Jackrabbit,Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland,Kirby: The Great Mirror Labyrinth,Mario Golf,Mech Platoon,Pokemon,Leaf Green Rom Fire RedMegaman Battle Network 2,Megaman Battle Network 3,Megaman Battle Network 4,Mega Man 1-5,Fire Red,Pokemon Leaf Green,Pokemon Ruby,Pokemon Sapphire,Shining Soul,Shining Soul II,Sonic Advance,Sonic Advance 3,Sonic Battle,Tetris World,The Sims Bustin' Out,V-Rally 3,Zelda: Four Swords


Answer by  Tudor (98)

There are many multiplayer games for the game boy advanced. I won't start lining up a whole list because many of them are rare and there are small chances of finding them. I will tell you only the best of them : Mario Kart:super circuit ,Sonic Advance 2 , Puyo Pop and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.


Answer by  ReZoN (94)

Many GBA games have 2 player capability, Some of the most popular included Pokemon and YU-GI-OH. You do need a data cable to connect the two GBAs though.


Answer by  Edfire (120)

There are many games out there with two player capability too many to count. Some may require a link cable however, To find out weather or not a game is multilayer look on the back of the box it comes in.


Answer by  CelebratedNight (10)

Monopoly, Pokemon Leaf Green, And Fire Red, Super Mario Bros 3, Legend of Zelda 4 Swords, Super Dodgeball Advance, Pokemon Ruby, and Sapphire, Advance Wars, Mario Cart, Bomberman Tournament, Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland

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I have mario 3 but it also has the original mario bros on it. When I connect the GBA's I will only let me play the original mario NOT mario 3. I want to play mario 3 with 2 players. Please help!  add a comment
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