Question by  tgif40 (1)

what food is not allowed while traveling on an airplane within the US?


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

You can bring anything "dry" on a plane. Liquids are the problem. If you buy the drink in the airport, however--no problem!


Answer by  sdnco (264)

You are allowed to take any food on the plane with you. Many people buy fast food and then eat it for their lunch or dinner on the plane. You have to buy the food once you get past security.


Answer by  elh26 (10)

Foods contained in glass such as jelly, salsa, or ice teas would not be allowed on an airplane. Aside from those sorts of foods, nearly all types of foods should be acceptable by national security standards for travel within the United States. If there is any doubt, one should check with the Department of Homeland Security.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Anything that is liquid will not be allowed past the security checkpoint. You can buy a drink once you are through security and bring it on the plane. Any food that is not solid such as pudding or jello will not be allowed through security.


Answer by  Jojoblue (468)

I have never heard of anything. I traveled several times and I was never asked about the food I brought inside the plane.

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