Question by  thooyavan (24)

What are the laws about transporting a minor across state lines?


Answer by  Desine (427)

If you have any doubts, ask a lawyer first. Don't get legal advice from Q&A sites. That said, it's perfectly legal unless there's a reason you shouldn't. As long as you're not doing it for criminal purposes or violating a restraining order or other similar court order, it's legal.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Minors travel across state lines all the time. It is only a problem when minors are transported from state to state for illegal purposes. Federal law applies.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

There are no laws about transporting minors across state lines, that is within the United States. It's a different story if you want to go to Mexico or Canada.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

This really depends on what state you are going to and where you are coming from. If both legal guardians of the minor are not with, a letter of permission is needed from whichever is not coming along.


Answer by  shonnieg (66)

If you are the legal guardian of the child a Passport or birth certificate should be at hand while traveling. But if there is joint custody involved i think you should also obtain a noterized letter signed by both parents


Answer by  optomyst (157)

You can only transport minors with permission of the minor's parents or guardians. In some cases parents and the law are more forgiving, for example, if you are the carpool driver to a sporting event in a city that boarders a city in another state and you cross the line to get pizza, but don't risk it.


Answer by  anita67 (62)

If you are the legal guardian, a passport or birth certificate should suffice. If leaving the U.S. it is almost definite that there is nothing necessary, but have a passport handy. If divorced, consent from other parent is necessary in the form of a notorized note signed by the second parent.


Answer by  Elis (150)

That depends on who the minor is and who you are. Is this a minor over whom you hold sole legal custody? Is this minor completely unrelated to you? Do you have permission from the guardians? Generally speaking, if you have to ask, whatever you're planning is a bad idea.


Answer by  yarniechick (118)

You must have the permission (possibly written permission) of the minors parent or legal guardian to transport them across state lines. I would also recommend contacting local law enforcement or an attorney to make sure you are within the bounds of your local laws. Always better to be safe than sorry!


Answer by  Jessec1007 (165)

You need provide documentations for the minor child. A social security card, a photo ID, etc. A passport is recommended as it does not have any age limit to apply for one.

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