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What are some typical foods of Switzerland?

I will be traveling to Switzerland soon.


Answer by  rxbandit1987 (244)

Switzerland is well known for it's delicious chocolates and many types of cheeses. Fondue is one of the most famous dishes of the Swiss and constitutes dipping bread, meat or vegetables in melted cheese. Food in Switzerland is comparable to foods offered in Germany because of their close proximity to each other.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The same food types are prepared differently all over this country. The most common foods are all types of bread, dairy products and of course Swiss cheese. Drinks are usually plain water and soft drinks and teas.


Answer by  romanguy (233)

Swiss food is similar to german or french, simple with a focus on ingredient quality. The swiss eat a lot of bread, cheese, potatos and sausage, and of course chocolate.


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Gruezi, in Switzerland you'll find Roeschti, Zuerischer Geschnetzeltes in the northern (german) region, in the west ( french region) the food is more like in France, and in the South ( Ticino) it's like in Italy - Polenta, Frittata of Fish. Try a typical restaurant in each region. Bon appetit


Answer by  Poonam (652)

For breakfast the "Birchermüesli" - the oat flakes mixture with fruits. In general, Fondue, Raclette (both with melted cheese), Röesti (mainly grated potatoes), Zürcher-Gschnätzlets (meat with noodles and creamy sauce), Berner-Plate (pickled sour cabbage, etc. )...


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Gruezi, typical dishes are " Zuercher Geschnetzeltes´" , "Roeschti", "Raclette" , "Fondue", "Polenta" ( Ticino), "Bircher Muesli", "Buendner Fleisch" - Appenzeller, Emmentaler,Greyerzer, Vacherin Cheese, "Lebkuchen", "Buendner Nusstorte" Switzerland has 3 different types of kitchen : german in the north , italian in the south, french in the west. "Egli Filet" ( fish), "Ruebli Torte" ( with carrots), swiss chocolate, "Waehe"


Answer by  Goldie (121)

Crepes are a typical food in Switzerland. Cheese (especially Gruyere) is a staple in a Swiss diet. Fondue is also very popular, especially when it is paired with the proper wine. Finally, Swiss chocolate, including Cailler and Lindt, is a major desert staple.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Foods that often represent the Swiss and their heritage include small breads called burli, muslix cereals, fondue and other cheeses, sauerkraut, a variety of cookies and baked treats, chocolates, rosti which is a potato dish, quiches, sausages and meat pies, and a soft drink called Rivella.


Answer by  Matilda55 (68)

Switzerland well-known for the famous chocolate Toblerone and Swiss-cheese has a range of typical Western European foods mainly consisting of meat pies, breads and stews. Various sausages, meat-cuts and hot-pots are common. As the case with Germany there are plenty of sweet-spiced cookies and apple pies amongst others. Don't give the cheese a miss, its very popular.


Answer by  cathstuff (238)

Swiss cuisine draws heavily from its neighbors Germany, France and Italy. They are also well known for their cheese and chocolate fondue. Locally produced cheeses and meats feature in ach particular regiion. Tea is commonly drunk with a slice of lemon rather than milk. Switzerland produces many fine wines as well as spirits similar to Schnapps.


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