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Question by  LRover (32)

What could cause weakness in left arm?

The right arm is fine,


Answer by  phaulo (16)

maybe, you have lifted any heavy objects on you're left arm that's why you arm got weak and it cause a trauma to you're muscles on the left arm that's why it cause weakness.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Ple having heart ailment have this problem. This may be due to rheumatic complaint also. Checkup whether you feel breathlessness when you walk some distance with some weight in your arms. These are the external symptoms of heart problem. Go to a lab in empty stomach, checkup your Lipid profile and compare the normal values given in the result chart.


Answer by  wpierre (70)

Please find a neurologist to look at this problem. Symptom of a heart attack could be a reason,it could also be a sign of a stroke. TIA is something to look for,it causes the blood to clog and not flow free to the brain. Symtoms are dizziness and lost of balance.


Answer by  Halloraib (42)

If your shoulder has a pinched nerve in it it can cause the whole arm to feel weak. Try rolling your shoulders and doing good stretches to see if that works it out. If not, try applying heat to the area.

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