Question by  varex (330)

What features should I consider when I shop for a camping grill?

My family goes camping a lot.


Answer by  koolmom (291)

On a camping trip space and time are valuable. I would shop for a grill that takes the smallest amount of space when packed and the easiest to set up and take down. The type of fuel used is also important. Gas, charcoal, or wood .whichever you like.


Answer by  jetsybubbas (18)

You have to first consider how many people you are going to be feeding using the grill to avoid cooking multiple batches. Another thing to consider is if you prefer gas versus charcoal, some people prefer charcoal as it gives food a different flavor. Lastly, consider ease of use and its compacting ability for packing.


Answer by  seedtosalad (175)

The choices forportable outdoor cooking grills are: propane, charcoal barbeque and butane fueled styles. The two burner propane style is perfect for a family and runs on those easy to find one pound green propane canisters. For backpacking a smaller butane burner works well for boiling water for freeze dried meals.


Answer by  jmma18 (6)

The first thing is the size, I don't want to be carrying something too heavy, or complicated to put together, then the gas tanks the grill uses need to be cheap and easy to find at any store in case you run out of gas you can find it easily.

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