Question by  jessica79 (61)

What exactly is judicial activism?

A local politician lists that as part of his resume.


Answer by  BilWitters (436)

Judicial activism is when a judge acts to affect changes in the law based upon his or her political affiliation. Often court rulings affect public policy and how laws are drafted and a judge can affect this change with his or her rulings.


Answer by  jeroboam (185)

"Judicial activism" is a term used by politicians and activists in disparagement of courts that make rulings that the labeler believes are grounded not in what the law really is, but in what the court thinks the law should be. Historically, there have been both Democratic and Republican "judicial activists."


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Judicial activism is when a judge makes law instead of interpreting it. When a judge rules that voting methods must change because it violates the Constitution, that is proper. When a judge says replaces the votes by legislators or the people with their own opinion, that is judicial activism.


Answer by  ashley2222 (7)

It's where the judge does not go by president. The judge changes the law, sort of speak, instead of going by previous cases or a good understanding of the law, the judge goes off on their own or on a bias.

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