Question by  earhornjones (28)

What elements of Gothic architecture carry symbolic significance related to the Catholic faith?

I know that there is a relationship between Gothic architecture and the Catholic faith but do not understand the relationship.


Answer by  vangie (118)

Large cathedrals with magnificent spires and flying buttresses reach out to the heavens. The stained-glass windows reflect Catholic beliefs and, throughout the medieval cathedrals, every inch of space reflects church history. Each cathedral is a study in understanding the mysteries of early Christianity. The darkness reflected is that of the rampaging peoples who brought death and destruction before Christianity.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

Many elements of Gothic architecture can be linked to the Catholic faith. For instance, Jesus is often depicted on the rose window becoming the light quite literally. Starting from the 17th century, the rose window is further associated with the Virgin Mary, referred as the "Mystical Rose" by St Bernard of Clairvaux.

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