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Question by  sw1120 (13)

What does your church usually put on their bulletin fillers?

My church has been doing some odd things with ours.


Answer by  Anonymous

Calendar, Funny, Puzzle, Prayer & Praise, Free things, scripture artwork, pastor's corner, bible q&a, ministry updates, devotional/ mini-lesson and more.


Answer by  sonya (91)

Our church is very picky about what they put in their bulletin, or "worship folders". Usually there are upcoming events that are in there. There is also usually a sermon outline so that you can follow along with the pastor. Sometimes there is information about people who work at our church.


Answer by  bobby2 (5)

Although I do not attend church myself, I have seen common proverbs listed that promote Christianity or the respective religion. These are meant to uplift the spirits of those around and invigorate the emotions of those reading the bulletin filler. This goes to say that the fillers use these clever phrases in an effective manner.

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