Question by  rfd (19)

What does "via" mean?


Answer by  Mable (3008)

"Via" means street, pathway, road or way. It is often used to signify how something will get from "a" to "b" such as "via airmail". It is also used to describe the path one takes or points along the way, such as, "I went home via the shopping center and the school. "


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

"Via" is originally a Latin word, meaning way, or road. (For example, the Appian Way is the "Via Appia" in Latin. ) In English, the word means "by way of. " So you might say, "I went to Washington" via the Metroliner, or "I drove here via I-95. "


Answer by  esteban (1334)

Via is Latin for "by the way of" which has come to mean "how something is done". For example, "We went to school via the bus".


Answer by  Anonymous

It means by or with.

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