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Question by  rachelrm7 (30)

What should I expect as torque wrench prices?

I like to be prepared when I go shopping.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

The average price on a good quality torque wrench will be in the $150-200 price range, however there are many lower cost options available. You may want to invest in a torque wrench from a vendor that offers a free lifetime replacement if your wrench breaks.


Answer by  Redhdz (527)

Beam torque wrenches generally are less expensive. ¼' drive being around $40. ¼' Automatic about $50. And ¼' electronic about $100. It would depend on the type you were looking for. If it is going to be used a lot, spend the extra to get a quality one. Your best bet is to just shop around before purchasing one.

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