Question by  ReganMama (12)

What does the saying Car Kit mean?

What is a car kit.


Answer by  Julie34 (173)

This refers to any body kit that is used to modify the bumpers, suspension system and shock height or it may refer to all the parts that are customized for that particular vehicle. The aftermarket is loaded with options to modify your ride any way you like it. It is possible to modify axles and suspension to handle larger tires.


Answer by  Kson (132)

Car Kit are hobbies to some because. It is called a car kit because it is literally a kit of parts to build a car.


Answer by  les59 (852)

The Car Kit refers to the body of the car itself. There are many vehicles that can have different body car kits, meaning that you can change the body of the car from a Chevy corvette to a a Ford Mustang. It's true! The body of the car is a shell, and you can get kits to change it.

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