Question by  LouLou (52)

What is the value of sligerland kit drums?

I have a set of sligerland kit drums that I would like to sell.


Answer by  drumkid (6)

The value of the kit drums will depend on the quality and condition of the drums. Looking at different sites, such as ebay can assist you in determining the value of your drums. It can range from very cheap to expensive, depending on the desire for them.


Answer by  DrumDaddy (13)

It would depend on what model you have and what condition they are in. Obviously the better shape you kept them in, (no rust, cracks, chips, etc...) the more money you will get for them. I would look on online sites such as craigslist to find people selling drums like yours and compare your price to theirs.


Answer by  worker261297 (50)

There is no set value of any drum set. It could range from 50 cents to 100,000,000 dollars so look up exactly what kit is and then find out what they are currently selling for on ebay or craigslist. you will get the most money selling to a person instead of a store


Answer by  AmirLuskySmallCock (160)

Sadly, not too much. There are a ton of parts for these kits available on resale and auction sites. I would try a local listing to get some spare cash, but don't expect much more than that.

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