Question by  djmartinezl (12)

What does tb mean in baseball?


Answer by  holmdeal (58)

TB is a statistic for total bases. For each base a batter reaches, he receives one more TB. A home run is worth 4, a triple 3, a double 2, and a single 1. A walk or a hit batsman do not count towards the TB total as only hits are tallied for this statistic.


Answer by  tr23 (24)

tb stands for (total bases). For example a home run is 4 bases, a triple is 3 bases, a double is two bases and a single is 1 base.


Answer by  John (9008)

"TB" means total bases. A single is one base, a double is two, a triple is three, and a home run is four. Total bases is used to measure power. For example, two hitters might both have ten hits; if one has all singles, he will have ten total bases. A hitter who hit ten doubles would have twenty.

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