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Question by  derko (20)

What does it mean when you have soft stools not formed stools?

I think I need to add fiber to my diet or something.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Soft stools can be the result of different things. Soft stools happen when there is a lot of liquid in the stools. You might also have a diet intolerance to something such as dairy products. Fiber may help this problem. Also if you drink a lot of alcohal your stools could be soft or loose.


Answer by  DrYasmin (178)

A Soft stool is one which is easy to pass. It may be in the form of diarrhea also. A Formed stool is one which has definate color and size.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Soft stools would be the ones that would come out normal and a little softer. Formed stools would be the harder stools that should come out without hurting you, and is solid and a little firm. If it hurts to pass your stools, you could add fiber to your diet.


Answer by  arthi (336)

yes you have to definitely add fiber to your can take espgol husk everyday morning two teaspoons mixed with half glass of water

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