Question by  benfeys (20)

What could cause a burning sensation in our neck and your neck being stiff?

I have a stiff neck that has a burning sensation.


Answer by  JarrodG (42)

possible causes of a stiff, burning neck could be leaving the nack in one position for an extended period of time, or overexerting the muscles in the neck


Answer by  lamcat2000 (74)

A stiff neck can be a symptom of spinal meningitis. A very high fever along with a stiff neck needs to be checked out immediately.


Answer by  MsTamara1969 (20)

This could be caused by a herniated disk in your back. I had two herniated disks, C5 and C6, which caused a tremendous amount of stiffness in my neck and a burning sensation. I ended up having to have surgery and my disks were replaced with metal plates. An MRI needs to be done to see if disks are herniated.

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