Question by  egrier (17)

What does it mean if power steering fluid turns milky?


Answer by  karm (164)

Then it's time to flush your power steering fluid and lines. possibly also time for a line replacement. White is water leaking in which means water is leaking through the lines or there is a hole in one.


Answer by  jeffro6770 (70)

Milky power steering fluid would mean there is water in the system. This is not good. I would sugest removing all fluid and flushing system with clean fluid. then drain again one last time and refill to correct level with new fluid. Vehicle should be turned off during the cleaning and refilling.


Answer by  jimbob11 (195)

It means that the power steering fluid is getting water in it somehow. Check the system for leaks, check the power steering fluid resovoir for cracks or damage, check to make sure the cap is present on the resovoir and correctly attached. If your radiator has an integrated power steering cooler, check to make sure there is not a leak.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well typically this would indicate that there are some type of contaminate in the fluid. Typically anything from water to air can cause the fluid to change color. It would probably be a good idea to flush the system and add new fluid. Also check for leaks.


Answer by  magda (97)

that means that the fluid is most likely worn out. you need to empty the reservoir and recycle the old fluid. get new power steering fluid and refill your reservoir. please check for fluid specifications in your car

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