Question by  Radmul (19)

What does it mean if I keep having dreams of my deceased grandparents?


Answer by  Heloise (397)

It's not unusual to dream of deceased relatives, especially if they died recently. If the dreams are distressing, it could be that they died in upsetting circumstances, or that you still have "issues" you have not come to terms with. If the dreams are comforting and reassuring, they reflect the positive bond you shared with your grandparents.


Answer by  pinkie (247)

In a dream, death stands for a loss. Think of any losses you've had or fear will have. Your anxiety could be coming out in your dreams. Your deceased grandparents may not be a literal indication of your grievance due to their death. They may represent a person you fear you will lose.


Answer by  Kris (797)

You are missing them, and may have unanswered questions about them. When we are trying to work something out, it comes up in dreams. If appropriate, ask older family members to tell you more about them. My grandma passed when I was just old enough to remember her, and I had dreams until I knew more about her childhood, etc.

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