Question by  Paul (25)

What does it mean if I have dreams of the deceased?

I know all the dead people I dream about.


Answer by  thechadv1 (200)

Some people believe that dreams of dead people are a forewarning of something bad that may happen, though this is not widely regarded. Dreams involving deceased people you know are either reflecting guilt, remorse, or unresolved issues or things left unsaid, but they can also represent the dreamer's pleasant memories of those passed on.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

Dreaming about a deceased person is typically a warning about something in your life. That something around you if not right and to be careful. It could also mean you should stay out of future conflicts. If the deceased person speaks to you, it's something they are wanring you about.


Answer by  Pierre (21)

To dream of someone you know that is dead could be A. )visitation from the spiritual plane B. )a memory of yours about the dead person C. the death of a habit you have that you associate with the dead person D. in general a drastic change in your life,awareness,direction or consciousness.

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