Question by  Gracelette (25)

What does it mean if I keep having dreams about pregnancy?


Answer by  tommymcg (21)

this might seem a bit obvious but have taken a pregnancy test? maybe you are pregnant. maybe you want a baby. maybe somebody close to you is pregnant mother,sister


Answer by  prestonrt (24)

Usually what you dream about is determined by your subconcious mind. Meaning that something in your life is making you think about some form of pregnancy, getting pregnant, or caring for a baby. These thoughts are weighing on your subconcious mind and manifesting themselves in your dreams.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

It could mean you wish you were pregnant. It could mean you are scared about getting pregnant. It could meant that you like children. It could mean that you have been around a baby lately.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

A dream about being pregnant is very common. It usually means a new begging, maybe something new is about to change you. Perhaps a new opportunity is waiting. Dreams can often represent something with something very unrelated.


Answer by  Anonymous

it means someone you know is pregnant , Bcus last night i dreamt my mom wus pregnant with twins & she told me her frend jst found out she wus having twins than my sister had a dream i wus pregnant & are young 15 yr old cousin ended ^pregant

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