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Question by  teryan (24)

What does it mean if a man likes to go around wearing women's underwear?


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Often, the person who participates in the behavior has to be the one to tell us. He may feel himself to be a woman and feel the need to dress as one (transgendered). Or, he could simply enjoy dressing as a woman and feel more comfortable and close to women that way (transvestite). Most transvestite men are heterosexual.


Answer by  JenniferJ (326)

It doesn't mean one particular thing. It often is just because a man likes the feel of women's underwear. Don't assume that it means that he is gay or is a cross dresser. Just ask!


Answer by  John (9008)

It probably just means that he has a fetish for wearing women's undergarments; this is not all that uncommon. A fetish is an unusual sexual desire, and can include things like cross-dressing, bondage, or almost anything else. Assuming that the individual is otherwise normal in other respects, fetishes are basically harmless and nothing to worry over.


Answer by  Cris77 (163)

If a man goes around wearing underwear this is a fetish. Some fetishes are ok if kept private. However, if this fetish interferes with daily activities/work or normal social life then professional counseling should be attained.


Answer by  Vani1902 (120)

If a man wears women's underwear, it could mean that it makes him comfortable. It could also mean that he suffers from Gender dysphoria.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Some people believe that if a man wears womens' panties he is automatically homosexual or having some type of issues with his mom. That is far from true. Some men just like the way the material feels against their skin and they have introduced this to their lives as a form of fetish.


Answer by  Andersen (628)

It is unusual but perfectly normal.


Answer by  Robbi (37)

It could be that the man likes the feel of the underwear or it could be that the man is a cross dresser.

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