Question by  Andrena (4)

Was Ed Wood gay?

If not, why did he like wearing women's clothing?


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

I am not sure if Ed Wood is gay or not, but cross-dressing behavior is not limited to homosexuals. Some men are transvestites, meaning they have a sexual fetish for wearing women's clothing despite not being homosexual. Other individuals who are born biologically male feel spiritually/mentally/emotionally female and dress and live as women. These individuals are transgender.


Answer by  JDBIII (222)

There really isn't any evidence that Ed Wood was gay. He had behaviors that could be considered effeminate, but he was hetrosexual. Wearing women's clothes was a way for him to connect with women and feel closer to them. Also, women's clothes are more comfortable than men's clothing. He enjoyed angora sweaters because of how soft they were.

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