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Question by  twinkleyes (131)

What does it cost to replace my Hyundai's transmission?


Answer by  mjlsmith (31)

It depends on the model and year. Typical transmission replacements can cost anywhere between $1800 to $3500 dollars. This price can vary even more depending on whether the transmission is rebuilt or new.


Answer by  jp95 (160)

This depends heavily on if you have either a automatic or manual transmission. Also the age of the vehicle and type of trans you are looking to by, meaning new, used, or re-manufactured. The typical transmission replacement starts at $750 about and could get into the multiple thousands


Answer by  shashank (98)

Cost of replacing part is a question that's difficult to answer. Firts depends whether the Dealer doing replacement or repair shop,junkyard or you doing. All give different prices with different labour rates. Second,depends on part quality ie. name brand, generic,used part. Thirdly depends on warranty of the part and by whom offering by. Lastly its depends on if car a new or old car.


Answer by  Kanchan (73)

Go for the branded and company fittings. Generally the transmission will cost around $400. 00 plus. You many negotiate with the vendor.


Answer by  mike3321 (80)

The cost for the new transmission will be between 1-2k depending on year and make of the car, then with work your looking at an extra 1-2k.


Answer by  harjeet (3)

actually, at average its for only $400-$600 But for some particular model it can alter. I mean for all the new cars its $600 and for olds its $400.

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