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Question by  bootros (14)

What are the difference of a power glide and st300 transmission?

I am needing to replace my transmission and would like to know the differences.


Answer by  thurston81 (72)

The major difference between the power glide and the st300 transmission is that the st300 has an extra gear giving you better acceleration. However, based on their gear ratios the top end gear ratio for both transmission is 1. 0 and therefore does not have a top end advantage over the power glide transmission.

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The st300 is a two speed like the PG however some have a variabe pitch torque converter and most have a chevy and bop bellhousing.  add a comment

Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

If I remember correctly one difference is that the power glide is two speed and the st300 is three speed. The bell housings and torque converters will also be different.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

I general a Power Glide transmission is going to cost you a lot more money than your standard st300 transmission. Pending on what kind of truck or car you own that will decide what you'll need. Since you didn't specifically list your vehicle type i would suggest speaking to a mechanic.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You need to contact a manufacturer of the products you need to know about they will be able to send you the information you need to help you understand the differences.


Answer by  Anonymous

They're both 2-speed transmissions with a 1:1 second gear. The main practical difference is that ST300s came with a BOP (Buick/Olds/Pontiac) bell housing and Powerglides had a Chevy bell housing. To use a ST300 with a Chevy engine or a Powerglide with a BOP engine you'd need an adapter.

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